[g3nriX] Intercop invited me to start Quake 3 Arena! Played 1v1 dm17, tourney4 & tourney3 but bad ping :)


[g3nriX] Trickjumping, whaaat?


[g3nriX] Really sorry, but the mapbase is temporary down. We will migrate it to another location as soon as possible...


[g3nriX] I wish u all a successfull and happy new Year 2007! Yeah .-> Got the 100k visits :))


[g3nriX] We have a new map! Nobodys jumping? :->


[g3nriX] Servers again running ...


[g3nriX] Enjoy the summer and feel free


[g3nriX] Update .-)



Hi2All ! :>

Please download the map gohuge to your baseq3 directory

to join the Tower Project II:


20:00h +1GMT @ Server

Hope a lot of people will partizipate!!!

Mod: O S P v1.03

maxpayers 64


[g3nriX] Actually, we`re preparing the Q3A:SYTES:NET Tower Project NUMBER: 2. It`s as simple as the project number one. All connected players to the choosen virtual room try to build the highest standing player tower of ....

Towerdate: 7th Mai 2006 - 20:00h +1GMT

We ARE in cooperation with PTC and all other stuff communities are welcome!^

ALL InTeRnaTioNals, just come in two weeks°!


[g3nriX] The winner was nippes with 15:464. Warmup time was 14:448.


[g3nriX] Contestmap for today is rdfcomp006, thx to mapper Agressor and elementally to the Russian Defrag Competition Team. .) I think if you do not have already an installation of GtkRadiant, just download the mapmedia.pk3 to your Quake ]|[ baseq3 directory to get the missing textures [note: this will solve most of the missing texture problems within a few maps].

A 0.01fps mini-preview ,-):

Rules for this competition:

- NO CHEATS, that means no config-scripting at all (i.e. no Rocketjump-Script ...!)
- 5 minutes for each player to get the best time
- DeFRaG 1.91.08 necessary
- Server: /connect q3a.sytes.net:27960 - maybe someone will come :>

After this: When someone is interested in making some freestyle horse contest ... just ask !


[g3nriX] Contest IXX will take place on Tuesday the 11th April 2006 - 20:00h +1GMT


[g3nriX] We are excited to announce the release of QSN Reality 1.0, a fact designed for virtual deployment of virtual farms. Q3A.SYTES.NET is designed and developed by Materia/Motana and qsn Corporation.


[tOrr] For all CSU fans: added csu2_fs to the votelist on the qsn.jump server.
By the way: i'd like to see this map finished.


[g3nriX] Tommorrow ! Sry !


[g3nriX] Unfortunately i have today no time for any contests. Contest 19 will take place in one week.


[g3nriX] Wheeeee are now in 2006 ! Hava good time ! :- )

We will play (if you want!) another contest. ... guess its C O N T E S T _ I X X -------> 08.02.2006 - 20.00h +^1GMT! <- Wednesday !! Mapname 5min before ...


[g3nriX] We are still alive!

Seeying not talking about it ... ehrm quake 4 qou know !

"Schreie 4): Also die Ewigkeit hat allein der Vogel, der alle 1k Jahre an einem Berg vorbei fliegt, seinen Schnabel dran wetzt und sich sagt: "Diesen Berg abzutragen, beträgt mindestens einen Tag der Ewigkeit"."


[g3nriX] Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year 2006!


[g3nriX] Contest XVIII will take place on (defrag 1.91.08)

r d r u n . r e s u l t s

17:216 - orfi
17:712 - meph1sto
18:184 - JumpAH
18:928 - ROOM
20:424 - Dray2k
20:752 - g3nriX
22:440 - EnuFF
23:944 - dts
24:224 - tOrr
35:456 - FireSoul


[g3nriX] Ok, ok ... everyone knows it ... i want to arrange a contest of the map wisdomrun ! That means, runbfg played ... next competition must be RDRUN ! I really hope, that more people will join this contest (regarding this great trickjumping map !)


[g3nriX] I updated my good ol`homy link -> home (best viewed [if loaded] only with firefox or opera browser ...)

i know ... time is not really good !!! bood i`ve solved it !!! thats all !!!



Contest 17:
Mod: DeFRaG 1.91.08
Map: runbfg

Rules: 5min for each player to perform best time ! No scripts & cheats allowed ! Thats all ...

And the winner is: Jumpah [19:208]


[g3nriX] Tomorrow 20:00h +1GMT runbfg contest 17 !!


[g3nriX] New freestyle map 'amt-freestyle1' by B l ! c c 3 R and m o r b u s !!! Now playable on 27960 !


[g3nriX] Wheeee!!! Look left and you will find ??? The good old new link to the board :)

I really enjoyed this:

Runhawkins-4 Contest Demo


For Trickjumping Quake 3 will be teh BEST! .-)


here, i am ... wanna make some vr?


Please feel free tu join our 27990 Team Arena Server [/connect q3a.sytes.net:27990]

Please feel also free, to use our new NEW FORUM


Now running DeFRaG version 1.91.08 (Note: your local dir name is 'defrag')


[g3nriX] Now there is a new passwordprotected osp server on 27965

orfi released his new map wisdomrun click




... now online with new server


[g3nriX] Now all statistics are updated ... Really tough challenges :-)


[g3nriX] In nearly 2 hours the defrag contest 16 will begin. Rules are the same as last contest.

Server: or q3a.sytes.net:27960
Password: c16 (console: /password c16)
Mod: DeFRaG 1.91.02
Physics: VQ3
Maxplayers: 32

Map: runhawkins-4 (included in runhawskins.pk3)

Now the first stats are available ...


[g3nriX] On Sunday we WILL run map runhawkins-4


[g3nriX] All new maps are playable on 27955 ( maplist )


[g3nriX] First of all thx to all c15 players :-) Really hard map! Get the demos and ranking here

1st place: missy
2nd place: ganja
3rd place: Xunderbird


[g3nriX] Tomorrow we will arrange a further online competition with DeFRaG Mod 1.91.02. Thanks to GanjaHM the contest takes place in his new released map called ganja-run6. Here are the details:

Server: or q3a.sytes.net:27960
Password: c15 (console: /password c15)
Mod: DeFRaG 1.91.02
Maxplayers: 32

Map: ganja-run6 (download from our mapbase!)

Rules: Quite simple. 15 minutes warmup, then all players spectate and one by one player will run as fast as he can :-). Each player runs 5 minutes to get best time. As referee i will determine the beginning and ending of the run. Btw, any kind of cheats and scripts are NOT allowed! Once more: Scripts of any kind are disallowed!!! If someone breach the rules he will be disqualified with no argument.

All recorded demos and statistics will be published within the next days!

Best regards, g3nriX


[g3nriX] Now playable with 'com_hunkMegs 256' on 27960: gdfrun! TryOut :D

... and one more: fubar-fsb1 <<== Really n1 textures *g*

cya on thursday ...


[g3nriX] I just forgot to rename the server directory from defrag to defrag191. Now i guess the connecting problem is really fixed ;)


[g3nriX] Big sorry! I badly configured the public defrag server! Now the problem should be fixed ...


[g3nriX] What kind of contest do you want to play?


[g3nriX] New day, new time. That`s all ! Ehrm btw summer is growing :) Concentrate yourself on A = VR or B = RL or ? yeah ! AB ! Thats the meaning of.

wanna play a VR contest? i guess best way 2 contact is my icq ehrm ? no spam, indeed :) !!! 113199287

really kewl, only have to open it and read ... suggest a map & week, we will solve that for sure :) . keep our trickin alive AND plz don`t really don`t really don`t forget! that you are the one, the only one, who decide powafull changes !!!


[g3nriX] Nobody cares, but i fixed the wrong links to the demos :)


[g3nriX] 27950 defrag server is again playable, testing the new DeFRaG version 1.91.02 ! You can get it here kl1ck

Big THANKS to the DeFRaG developers !!!


[g3nriX] Now votable: q3ctf1-4 ... today is a day of my friend void


[g3nriX] Added map 'ex1ns' to 27960 ... Thx to Clan HerMes


[g3nriX] Added map 'ganja-fs1' to 27960


[g3nriX] Still Jumping??? Excelent! :D

We are moving to a 500 Gig Traffic place. Keep up the hands ;-)
Review our really kewl Demos *bigsmile*

any wishes? please write a mail!


[g3nriX] Serverprobem occured yesterday. Server as from now again available. Still working on a new online demo page .. lot of work ...


[g3nriX] Rebuilding the Demos/Records/Competition section


[g3nriX] Updated / deleted some links ... Keep on working :p


[g3nriX] Yeah, 2005! The best for this year! :-)


[g3nriX] Ho, ho, ho .. merry X-MAS! Ok, competition will be played:
defrag 1.91
maxplayers 32
/password xmas04

get the map from our mapbase, serverdownload will be disabled

I think 15min warmup for everyone then one player runs 5min, all others spectate! Its a DeFRaG competition! Player with best time wins!

and the winner is: JUMPAH in 15:096 2nd Place: wrk in 15:448

happy lazy days ,-) thx 2 all who played this contest: Dray2k, wrk, meph1sto, Gubelfax, Jumpah, vuokraaja, tOrr, me, masta .. and all others!


[g3nriX] On 24th Dezember 2004 - 16.00h GMT+1 we will arrange a Christmas contest. orfi has made a new map called qsn-xmas2k4. The map will be downloadable 5min before the competition starts. Hope some Trickjumper will participate! Take care & cYa on 27960! (mod: defrag 1.91)


[g3nriX] Now the final version of ful-frozen-fs playable on 27960! ,-)

a small by the way (-: serveruptime 227 days without restart


[g3nriX] Big sorry for unattainability! Again up!!


[g3nriX] *spam* Where do you want to JUMP today? :-) *bigsmile* Now, we have the biggest map archive all over the world! wazup admins? Gone with the imitators | A one question! How to make money with these stuff? I think the invested time of mappers (our invested time in playing and having fun in these maps) couldn`t be paid back. Nobody invests time thinking thats meaningless, so thats the result of this page

Determine and feel free in VR!

FYI: Rootie:~$ uptime 09:12:42 up 150 days


[g3nriX] I think orfi released yesterday his new map! long long time worked on it: qsnrun (description)


[g3nriX] Sorry for long time not updating this site. Enjoying the summer :-P Feel free and go jumping on 27960!


[g3nriX] I hope someone will come! :/
Server is UP: 64 Players max only *smile*

And here are the demos:beginning & standing & the end ;)

I think there where more then 40 Players online: some of them! I REALLY THANK YOU ALL :)))


[g3nriX] Trying to build a tower on 2004-07-27 - 20:00h +1GMT. Everybody is invited! Map is csu1a freestyleroom with maxplayers 32 on 27960 !

Next jumping/running contest will take place on 3th August!


[g3nriX] Damn U! No, noooooo really i don`t give the ref-password to anyone ... BLA! Changed password for 27960. NOW refs are tOrr & me! FIN


[g3nriX] I know it`s not nothing really new ... but i want to start the

QSN-Tower Project :)

That means one date & time on qsn60 server to build a playertower maybe on csu1a freestyle-room (i think first of all with 24 players) :)) Next informations in next days ... anyone is invited to be part of the tower (8-


[g3nriX] WE ARE BACK! :) ... again 75gigs reached :((

Next activities are waiting to get realized ...


[g3nriX] Don`t know they are mixed: 1, 2, 3, 4

not my fault :)


[g3nriX] Sorry really, i update demos tomorrow. Now i am up from 05:00 am home now @ 22:49 pm . .......... time is worthy ........... I have to really thank you vuokraaja, extremo, dray2k & w3sp for getting recorded demos :) ... all other running . feel ashamed !!! I`ll update the page and think about the future of


[g3nriX] BTW is was a bad game ... OK now playing some tricks in space -D Rules are as follows: 2 Player are one team and the time is take from defrag-counter. the two teams are running together (at the same time) and the average is taken of the sum of each player of one team. best team wins. No comments while running, otherwise get kicked. server-ip is /password c14 ... A ! One nice thing ... Every "running" player has to record a demo and mail it to

we are playing with defrag version 1.91 putted in the Quake 3 installation directory as a defrag folder played map: grid2


[g3nriX] Due to the football game of germany vs. netherlands contest is one day later! on 16.06.2004 20:00h +1GMT


[g3nriX] playable now on 27960: pea_freeshit_b6 & ganja-run2


[g3nriX] neXt CoNteSt on 15th June 19:30h 1+GMT; everyone come & have a look!> 32 Player


[g3nriX] Forgot everything to reactivate the server... NOW AGAIN UP :)


[g3nriX] Goin 2 take a week holiday in Prague ... Have nice times!


[g3nriX] new demos from:

nippes: Coldrun in 16:800
, pdm02_t4m8uryn0 in 41.472 , pdm02_dade > 24.968
riVen & vuokraaja : tr1ckhouse-beta3 a Teamtrick: strafe + 2 grens + rox
Dray2k: tr1ckhouse-beta3 Blue 1 to White 1 Strafe
Clean 1.10.968 & orfi 1.09.936 on ful-04


[g3nriX] Added GuntherDW`s Runmap: guntherdw_qsn_vq3run1
& some to the defrag server (list)


[g3nriX] Damn U fucking cheaterz/scripterz! Be proud of it eh? I dispise you! No honor & smiling against others ... you are really though!


[g3nriX] ... download disabled on 27960! Load the maps from mapbase or somewhere else :P


[g3nriX] added freestyle_88 to 27960
And one really nice thing: maplist is now playable & votable on 27950!!! MORE THEN 850 DeFRaG-Maps!!!


[g3nriX] D1sc send me a small demo on cos 1 klick ... if you want to appear here send a mail to: | mondo_strafe-age2 is now playable on 27960!


[g3nriX] I added some maps to 27950: maplist


[g3nriX] The new map from A5h is now playable on 27960: a5h-fs-alpha1 | Thx 2 defrag-coderz there is a new DeFRaG Version 1.91. Thus now again up: 27950 ... 27940 up in next days ...


[tOrr] no news today... just a prove im still there :)


[g3nriX] runkull by Gravizappa: 01:05:608


[g3nriX] Sorry the mapbase is playing on a lan :P


[g3nriX] Sorry for the unavailibility, but there are only 75 gigs traffic per month ... (reached only with q3-servers & this bit text you are reading now!) What`s new? Nothing! But in certain time you`ll wondering .... :) BTW, @ creators of maps: First of all: Many, many thx for your invested time! Please continue beeing pRoDucTiVe ... the 1000th jumpmap is waiting to get released ...

We were jumping two days ago on gdfcomp012 ... jumping, jumping, jumping ... looks like this: klick ... then connected dray ... klick

One of the best online demos i know: orfi on lba 04:23:944

Last one for today is *ehrm* by me :) on runryodox: klick


[g3nriX] Hey there! Sorry there was a mappack-packing-pak3-problem of the Lithuanian Mappack-pack-packing-pk3 ... we solved it repacking-thepak-pak3.pk3 ... ehm really good maps!!! TRYOUT


[g3nriX] df1.9 /password c13 - ful01 (put in baseq3)


[g3nriX] I realizied making something against the "noideaness" of callvoting some maps: qsn votelist
BTW! Time & date of maps are not the same, when mapperz created it ...


[g3nriX] updated the new competition page! comp12 ranking & demos now avail!


[g3nriX] hi, contest 12 is tamb9
df19 on 27960 /password c12


[g3nriX] Thx to RS|Ruffn3ck there is a new link called 'gfx' ! WOW


[g3nriX] added some new maps to 27960: nf_1a, sunfreestylebeta2, lick_fs-2b, fs10_beta6 and ful-pl4yground


[tOrr] all people using mass downloading tools: the page says "only 2 simultaneous downloads per ip" and this is what you get. every try to get 4 downloads will result in many small textfiles telling you this. so go setup your mass downloading tool correctly or stfu!


[g3nriX] Now first writing 2004 :) I have got some new demos! Two are from iT.Mephisto: 1st one is on cos1 the white-strafe part: klick Next one is from 1st pad strafing red on cos1 klick Last oNe is from DRAY2K strafing more than 3300ups on grid2 klick
so then ... | ah i forgot one thing ... on our christmas map Jumpah gets more then 1 billion ups ... i guess its a bug but! klick


[g3nriX] Last DAY of this Year .. what we have??? I guess we have a "teh" ...

Best time(s) too all of YOU! Enjoy life and smile around :D

what are we going to do in VR 2004???


[g3nriX] If someone is interested in playing competition 10 today, please contact me via ICQ or eMail otherwise are we going to play next year!

orfi released his special today`s competition map: qsn-xmas2k3 map avail here 5min before X-MAS Contest starts

So then we are going to rule it :) on 27960 /password c10 on 19:30 +1GMT


[g3nriX] I wish you all a good time over teh next days! take care & smile ! We will play last contest of this year 2003 on 25th! When? i guess ... | added map grid2 2 27960 playable


[g3nriX] results of c10: klick


[g3nriX] ok, decided playing next contest 10 on csu_1a! One Player against the other ... K.O. System ... only rox as weapons are allowed ... date is expected 2003-12-14 20:00 GMT +01:00h | TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN as a ...



contest IX:
/password c9

winner: Mephisto


[g3nriX] Gwen decided joining the real life! Really happy about his engagement in q3a jump community ... for his time spended on http://www.quake-hq.com ! BTW it was, it is & its going to be! take care


[g3nriX] finally updated also contest 5+6+7 demos & rankings ...


[g3nriX] contest 8: simple-eye
played on q3a.sytes.net:27950
/password c8

and here are the results


[g3nriX] We are back! BTW QSN is now avail from more than one year. Start was Nov 2003. | We are going to make some contest once again .... i know ... i am very lazy uploading some demos, but! if i have done that ... you think! Am i jumping now that or is it someone else, cause of the time .. sure making progresses ... ehrm ... whats about a christmas contest 2003 ??? any suggestions? by


[g3nriX] I go to Prague next days .... if someone wants a map played on every server just mail me! | OK, yes i am LaZy:

contest 5:
5 tries each player

1st Place

contest 6:
5min 2 get besttime

1st Place

contest 7:
5min 2 get besttime

1st Place




[g3nriX] Contest 7 Map: RUNACKMAN (put it in baseq3)
q3a.sytes.net:27960 /password c7
5 minutes for each player to get besttime


[g3nriX] I will upload all contest demos asap i have time!


[g3nriX] OK, then. We are playing today contest 6 on map 'pdm01_m'. Every Player has 5 minutes time to get best time on this map. If you want you can get it here (put it in baseq3) | BY TEH WAY: C6 is PLAYED ON 27960

If someone means, he must comment others run .. I will kick this chatter!


[g3nriX] Restarted once again 27940 and 27950, each maxplayers 10


[g3nriX] Thx for playing contest 5! :) Here are the rankings: 1. z3r0x (17:168) 2. Meph1sto (17:472) 3. Saiboat (19:104) 4. Dray2k (22:904) 5. majormad (30:368) - - - all others haven`t reached the end :P - - - demos coming soon !


[g3nriX] Here are the rules for DeFRaG 1.9 Contest 5: All Players have to spectate, only the active Player is running. Every Player has 5 tries that means that`s the same as 4 selfkills. Winner is player with fastest time in coldrun. Referee is me, g3nriX and time is taken by df 1.9 ... If someone means he won`t follow this rules he will be excluded from contest or get banned! Good Luck & Have Fun m8s! For those who want to practice under the same conditions, i started 27950 with maxplayers 10


[g3nriX] on Monday i will tell you more about the 5th Contest!


[g3nriX] wOw ! we arranged a new Forum! Tryout :) | i stopped the two DeFRaG servers, till i get a possibility updating records online ...


[g3nriX] tr1ckhouse-beta 2 is playable on 27960 ...


[g3nriX] hmmmm ... serverproblems .. now it should work ...


[g3nriX] orfi`s great work is back! check under links! :)


[g3nriX] here are finally RESULTS OF CONTEST 4


[g3nriX] a very nice TEAMDEMO under demos! first one!


[g3nriX] results of 4th contest :) QSN - CONTEST 4 RESULTS


[g3nriX] splitted 60 to 10max 60 and 10max 65! THERE IS A NEW MAP: JJM2 ... tried to solve every stage but hrm ... no way for me solving everything ... BUT ... i have time -:] | btw if anyone need password for DeFRaG-Serverz: /password idjumpa | i found a good other 3D-Reality hoh!°> at one of my friends


[g3nriX] Hello! I am back! Uploaded a DIVX 5.05 movie made by orfi. He also made a german 'DeFRaG für Dummies' tutorial avail here


[tOrr] fixed the two defrag servers :) thx to tr1cky


[g3nriX] so then 27960 OSP for 20Players, 27950 DF 1.9 MP and 27940 DF 1.9 PM i go to holiday for one week cYa


[g3nriX] ok ok .. everythings fine .. servers are tested and should work now ... uploaded nearely all maps .. today evenning once again up i guess | ah! :) all 'uploaded' maps fromt today are not new , my fault




[g3nriX] I have holidays, too lazy making something ... enjoy the summer! | Z_Malloc problem! servers 60-1 are not possible to start ... going to another OS


[g3nriX] servers:
27960 OSP
27961 OSP II
27963 DeFRaG = old Password of 27961
27964 DeFRaG Promode


[g3nriX] t0rr is still renovating his room :/ || patched servers to 1.32b, there is no need for you updating sth ... || If i want to start with different users 27960 this message comes up: Sys_Error: Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 242944 bytes from the main zone -> Shutdown tty console .. ANYONE AN IDEA? NEED HELP! Therefore 27962 is temporarly 60!!


[g3nriX] t0rr is renovating his room, mapbase again up on sunday :D || OK, big chAnGeS! 27961 is now passwordprotected! Why? Cause, its NOT a Server for tricking maps! 27962 is now maxplayers 14 called 'OSP/CPMA-JUMP | EUROPE' with some tricking maps ... [all cpma-maps avail] ... if you want some more tell haVe PhUn! || I NEED SOME LITTLE MOVIES PLEASE! ahhh! & ONLINE DEMOS PLEASE, PLAYED ON OUR SERVERS! gO gO gO -;~) || Two new referees for 27960: Gubelfax & d1zZ || Trickhouse-beta1a seems to make problems if you vote it, cause server shuts down ... sorry i`ll watch over it next days & if its the cause, going to go one version back! ehrm ... where is tr1ckhouse-beta2 ??? :§ || FORUM! :D


[g3nriX] sorry for announcement, but this hitm4n18 was not that i ment ... hmmm ... btw still coding on relaunch


[g3nriX] so then, a lot of people are angry about the referees of 27960; changed password: /refpassword .... so refs are now PUBLIC: t0rr, pollo, greenman, Gravizappa, orfi, noZer & me, if you think you are reasonable like us, please contact!! | nobody has this map only we & hitm4n :D , can`t remember precicly, but there are only 2-3 Players done his 18th DeFRaG-Map ; added sent demo from saiboat ...


[g3nriX] Clan JATS give us possibility writing something 2 forum of them ... i am looking every day, from now on, around & if you wanna write something, i`ll be happy ... so then .... ehrm! registration is in german you`ll master that :) don`t forget if you are not german, changing forum language from 'german' to 'english' while registration process ... -:)


[g3nriX] 27961 is now running DeFRaG 1.8


[g3nriX] uploaded all pdm01 maps, playable @ 27960,61,63 thx PTC


[g3nriX] much work, no time! stats ...


[g3nriX] Rules for 3rd Competition are quite simple: Every Player has two rounds, each round four tries to get to the end .... | ok contest finished, stats tomorrow! thx 4 playing! :))


[g3nriX] new Forum! Tryout here! | on q3a.sytes.net:27963, there is running a DeFRaG 1.8 Server maxplayers 8! have phun!


[g3nriX] ok new contest on tuesday, strafe3 map, 20:00h gmt TRAIN IT!


[g3nriX] Updated comp`s section, uploaded all contest-demos ...


[g3nriX] Ok, there! Results of yesterday`s contest are finished. But :P i`ll tell you first at evening ... here it is!


[g3nriX] ok now does link of pollos demo work, my fault!


[g3nriX] added cpma freestyle demo by pollo :) | Played contest-map ... wow ... thats going to be a very funny (ehrm falling) contest :) four days yet




[g3nriX] Next contest will be map 'lick-hossa.pk3' in physics vq3 (one week for train!) | Root Server is unfortunately since yet not avail ... but maybe tomorrow ... cYa! ah and... next online competition is on ? eh? 1st July 2003 20:00h GEZ (that means, ehrm :P)


[g3nriX] OK then, big sunburn =) | sO what is next? Hope tomorrow root server is again available ... If you want to arrange a new competition, then mail your suggestions 4 map & physics to | Added new cpma3x-* maps 2 cpma-running server (btw thx PTC) | changed CPMA-RUNNING-SERVER port from 27963 to 27962 | DAMN IT! THERE ARE AGAIN PROVIDER-PROBLEMS! BE PATIENT, TOMORROW OTHER SERVERS ARE WAITING BEEING AVAILABLE (ROOT) -;D


[g3nriX] I`m going to raft & camp in the mountains, if there are problems contact t0rr!


[g3nriX] go 2 the mapbase if you want to play on servers, having not the map... disabled downloading... it LAGS, if downloading from backups!


[g3nriX] ehrm.. my fault! switched the ports of server 1 + 2 ok now running as usual


[g3nriX] Virtual Reality is a nice thing! Look around you, feel the summer and spirit ... then smile -:)


[g3nriX] opened a new Server for CPMA Training... q3a.sytes.net:27963 [6 PLayers]


[g3nriX] TRAFFIC LIMIT OF ROOT SERVER IS REACHED!!!! 75 GIGS ... SERVER WILL BE AGAIN UP on 24th JUNE. LIKE IN OLD TIMES, WE CAN JUMP TOGETHER ON MY HOME SERVERS ... really sorry but 5 gigs more traffic costs 75 euros ...


[g3nriX] NOW i know why is friday 13th..... whole server is not available ... thats only my old backup-page @ home ... tomorrow i will give provider a big ass-kick an hoping that contest on sunday will be possible!


[g3nriX] Friday, 13th is a good day to add map b0_beta3 to servers ;)


[g3nriX] added all new maps to both servers. OSP Server is now max 20 players. I putted the contest to next days. | Added 2 demos from -iv-d1Zz green & red plasma of cos1; not really new, but online =)


[g3nriX] confiscated


[g3nriX] #qsn


[g3nriX] uploaded all uploaded maps 2 the Root :) thx for mapping ... next days is next contest :) double feature *hrhr*


[g3nriX] I kNoW NoBodY MiSsEd mE..... BuT No ElEcTrOn To yOu iN PrAGuE, wHy? too nice women there.... ok.. in future we are going to get most speedy internet players of the world OK? bye & take care!


[g3nriX] so then ... nothing will happen next days... i am going to celebrate my 25th anniversary in prague; thank you wishing me the best and so on ... cYa


[g3nriX] added demo of -iv-w3sp strafing white pads 2 in tr1ckhouse, guess thats the first time someone jumping that ..


[g3nriX] We are working on the PHP&MYSQL Page. Database functions are already done, waiting that t0rr will finish php-code. There will be a user area & sth. more ... For next competiton i need some more input & suggestions! Please mail your ideas to thx!


[g3nriX] added results of our first competition plus demos of each run... sorry noZer & orfi, but i made mistakes, so some demos are not available... Thank you for coming, winning against you in next Competition :)) cYA iN HyPeRsPaCe! || added two demos of 27961: Saiboat, -iv-D1zZ, infi, orfi, Baggio, g3nriX and -iv-KID playing 'dlits' & demo of infi, -iv-DizZ, majormad, -iv-KiD, Baggio and g3nriX playing 'ts_run1'


[g3nriX] The Rules for CPMA Comptetition: If the Referee says a time like go on 00 then you have to begin running on the next time breaking to 00 of a minute. If you start running, that means your first try is in the beginning of counting. For this cOmPeTiTioN you have two tries and once again 2 tries. Style it how you want to show it. The Referee shows you at the beginning of this Competition the -Start_place- and line where is taking the time, when you solved a round i.e. haVe pHuN & tAkE CaRe! by TeH wAy Comp iS oN 27960 sry


[g3nriX] Starting finest competitions on Saturday (for more information have a look at the nicest, cheekiest navigation point of this site!)... thinking that WE are the first one`s making that ONLINE. I know nowbody will come, but i will wait.....


[tOrr] added some new maps: b0, cos3, dobbel17_beta1, bshpgt6, cod_cp1, cod_cp2, cod_cp3, cod_cp4, lick-huar, pr2


[g3nriX & tOrr] moved the website to the new server; q3a.sytes.net has also moved. | BY THE WAY, thank you all of you MAPPERS for investing time and making such great virtual reality! -:D Don`t know where we driving to, but comon ... !


[g3nriX] added new map aYx_bet6 to


[g3nriX] added new map w3sp-v0-1041 to


[g3nriX] okey the new servers are running... EHRM.. not really; everything erased


[g3nriX] for the next days all new servers are down. there is a configuration problem.


[g3nriX] ok, all 3 Servers are running... tryout, 27962 & 27963 have phun!


[g3nriX] The new Server is now really secure, if somebody`s good in hacking please try to hack it, but don`t destroy our work! -;) in next days we will give the homepage a new home :)


[g3nriX] OK! all maps available on the new server, the IP-ADRESS: , now there are only two servers: 27960 (osp-test) and 27962 (defrag-test). We are working @ the mysql+php page ... have phun & cYa in HyPeRsPaCe!


[g3nriX] uploading the maps from 256k/bit .. everythings fine ... lean down .. and feel free /


[g3nriX] added freestyleroom2 / added timecut of 27961 with special guests..


[g3nriX] Yippie! t0rr is back -:D / added 3 fresh Timecut-Demos of orf3rl, SlimShady, Sp@nier, majormad, ozzy & me


[g3nriX] added 3 new maps: cky6kb, PTC_Defrag1 & Ultimatestrafe-beta3 / once again :) vorj1, tb3kb, t4m8uryn0run & rlr_szak


[g3nriX] sorry! but the mapbase is down cause t0rr is playing to sunday on a LAN ;)


[g3nriX] Server is smiling, orderer today 18:00h; then we will realize the homepage only in php+mysql, maybe more serverz, maybe more players :), maybe some team-competition stuff and so on .... any ideas? tryout sending mail to hope that it will be possible for EUROPE to play on these Server!!! if thats not enough, we will rent more server around the World


[g3nriX] added one new demo by iT.Mephisto! jumping on csu1_a with 5 rox! enjoy :) ; renamed the 27961 -> pmove_fixed 1 ; for our great work ;) we give SERVER1 -> Beta8


[g3nriX] rewritten the maplist of 27960; if you want i add every map you wish!


[g3nriX] we will rent a server for our hope... in two weeks up!


[tOrr] added lots of new maps (thanks to orfi)


[tOrr] new map added: plst_beta8a; changed the server config to sv_maxRate 25000, this should reduce lags while players are downloading maps from the server


[g3nriX] added map w3sp-strafeage & added demo of cos1_beta7b 1st plattform red-strafe by w3sp; added map 4and


[g3nriX] added map T8m8urYn0RL


[g3nriX] argh, feeling ill, maybe got a viRus :/
[tOrr] map page problems again after migrating to a new mysql version. should work as expected now.


[tOrr] new map added: w3sp-strafes1


added 1 new map: plst_beta8 (you have to download textures.pk3 too for it to work) [t0rr] | we putted the plst_beta8.pk3 & textures.pk3 toghether, so you have to download only plst_beta8.pk3 ... the servers were balanced to the 'OSP|Jump server' cause of set_maxplayers 12 ! hope the bandwith will dance with us! :) heart that the uploada of the new map is angry about combining his map! but i wanna say only one thing: please make it as simple as you can.... thats no 'basic' uploading two files for ONE map! ... Nevertheless thank you, and hoping uploading a lot of them good ones like this one! :P .... reseted once again jumpbase-hits cause of beeing cheeky :! [g3nriX]


The new multilanguage version of our map database is online - sorry for the page problems yesterday; if you found a bug or want to add translation for your native language, send a mail to mail@ramihyn.sytes.net; gzipped output is enabled, so the page should load faster now


added 3 maps T4m8urYn0_beta1, caep2 and caep3 - ARX! my fault! and t0rr is not available :(


I am thinking about the situation hosting this server for all of you! Fundamentally there are too less player jumping here... Honest, is there anything you miss here? If thats the point, please contact my eMail adress and suggest betterment doing this here! Hope you will take this chance to express yourself in this project! Don`t forget WE are the CHANGE! It is a hobby and if it is your hobby please write an eMail!


added 12 new maps: 1stkiss, afire, cky5kb, cky5kb2, FEARit, FEARtech, Kb4szak, T4m8urYn0RL2, ts_run1, ts_run1abc, csu1_a and fod


unfortunatly, gwen`s site is definitly down! don`t know why, but wanna say thx for the good work!!


got a demo of drtrixxiipro t0rr vs. iT.Mephisto (hahaha alah bladumbeng.... who will wins...? not ceTus jump gren+rox... making AIR, smokin every day (f1nl4nd has best water!). water liked cigs.... OK! no hoook :/ no hope! no other realities! no eXPrEsSiNg! wonder! United States of World-- Conscinousness 0.01 beta -future / no one loves his pint? ok then! tryout making speaking and writinh of YOU! maybe U get your chance to say something static... otherwise... not analyzing that much.. u will have a truly live, not giving answer on one more topic taking ^second of purple; you think getting satisfaction of investing time of life in this occcuptaion to be the BEST? long time over thousands people killed! Analyse speaking and answering... u determine..... seeing games like 'us-fortune players for nearly 3000000000000 $ are not that to create! Enjoy taking responsibiltiy talking in 3D, produzing your own world. Hope thaths yours!


t0rr & me are thinking about starting a new project, with one internet root server only for our wishes .. :) sure hosting some trickjumping servers and some other stuff! there will be a static ip and a REALLY good connection.... 50 euros / month are smiling into our faces, hope trickjuming-community will grow and it is worth of investing our time and money into it!; added tOrr's first demo on drtrixiipro!


added map RunNFN > NFN = Not For Noobs ;)


added map csu1


Japan, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Serbia, Afganistan, Iraq II .... THE WAY OF AMERICAN DEATH!


sure the progress is from USA... thats why i beginn making a Jumpserver in Europe, want to have better pings jumping in Europe! (our HOPE!). 20min ago one Player came to the 27961 Server saying that he wants to play on Zumax`s new Server! Of Course Progress in some things ;)... is want to be remarked only one thing: hope that alle Players who want to be the best join Zumax`s new Server, hope he has to stand for the sound of the whole time running servers in his room... (i`m thinking too good of all! damn!), hope that he has now the problem to can`t download things from net, without getting an icq-message: "ey! whats about the server! theY suck now! Ping of course; naturally., and progressing the new thing on World which came up, with these realities!.....! hope that only people will join our Servers for beeing a lamer and feeling good beeing a lamer cause of getting your realities in the arena with a lot of people who will not be the best.... thats the claim of my thinking and hoping thinking of all other! Question! why YOU should be best? have u got inferiority compley beeing yourself, if not, join 3D Trickjumping beeing YOURSELF! go to the BEST and leave XXX. Wholy shit... why i want to say that.. i know its not good, but the work from the Server Config and getting Packets from Router to the server is by q3a.sytes.net... hahah IRONIC, like all & the great NEW WORLD ORDER! :))


new demo bye w3sp > white strafe cos1_beta7b!


added half-beat demo of nipp3s


added new topic in faq.. really good overwriting of your NT/W2K/XP-Password, if u lost it.... added 14 new maps: badroad, bcm_run1, bra_run1, bra_run2, bra_run3, bra_run4, Lick-Evil, runberserk, runcomplex, runcomputer, runfast, runrocket, small_complex and thetower


added map cos1_beta7b


sorry but there are provider problems!!!! :/


technical probs.. :/ connection get lost, don`t know yet why... aNaLyZiNg! Added 2 new Demos: rdrun (3 Players) and iT.Mephisto strafing grey part of bliss-beta1; deleted Forum -:( looking 4 other Solution; sorry Euk4lyptus! deleted your Demo cause of faking! be ashamed!


w3sp wanted to have deleted his "lame" demos... :) added black-strafe part of his own map.... two new maps available: 1337hj and mondo_strafe-age; added rocketpowa-anim to my home...


Teamjumping is growing!!!


added 3 new Demos


two new demos by w3sp @ his own map!; added map platform6; updated padgarden.. 27960: sv_autodownload "0" cause it lags when somebody is downloading maps :/ visit Materia & GaTeRix Archive


added 6 new maps: h4p2, RLspeedtraining, three_ways_to_heaven, xrun, padgarden and padshop


two new demos by oRk-Mephisto, cos1 black left/right Strafe ONLINE!


1 Map updated: dlits


13 new maps added: arjt, bierknast, cod1, cod2, cod3, cod4, k7gc, k7pro17, k7rf, k7rz, k7sr, red-run, runmaphive3 and w3sp_strafes / found some old demos of Camping_Gaz_14k jumping on OPC1!


added one new Demo from 'plamah';


one new Demo by oRk-Mephisto; strafing the gold-part on bliss-beta1 ONLINE!


14 new maps added, 1 new demo, 27960: sv_autodownload 1, BY THE WAY WE HAVE NEARLY 280 JUMPMAPS!!!!


added the faq-section ....


confiscated :P


I am starting a new Project, called the 15min-Runs.... :D go 2 Demos and u can have a look on the first taken Demos Online. Hope u want to make a demo on the Server.. The Rules are really simple! You have 15min to make any tricks u want and vote your Maps you wanna jump


wow a new link called "news" .... be happy and take care!